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At Aramark we want to prove that it is possible to enjoy a good meal in the hospital or in army too.

We provide meals for specific groups such as hospitals, medical facilities, homes for the elderly and army garrisons with a high level of product safety. We place great emphasis on nutritional and dietary standards when creating our catering plans and we accept a high degree of responsibility for the quality of services provided to the above-mentioned groups.

Hospital catering

  • We understand patient meals as a support of the healing process.

  • We have our own team of nutritional therapists and dietitian chefs.

  • We create our own diet plan for treatment purposes.

  • We have a training programme for expert staff.

  • We offer 100% safe product under continuous supervision.

  • We invest in tablet systems.

  • We offer a special food service concept for hospital and medical centre staff.

  • We have our own nutritional software, which works with more than 140 diet combinations.

Army food programme

  • We apply stringent rules for the army restaurants supply network.

  • We provide special meals for foreign soldiers (e.g. kosher and halal).

  • We provide food supplies for military training.

  • We are flexible in emergency situations.

  • We provide catering for military training exercises, including foreign missions.