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We carry out a number of activities which contribute to healthy development of communities and aim at promoting a healthy lifestyle.

We support a number of children’s homes and hospices. Every year we donate a number of medical devices and medical aids to major hospitals. We regularly contribute to the military solidarity fund, which helps the families of soldiers killed or wounded in action.

First and foremost our help aims at those who are closest to us: our employees, who find themselves at a difficult point in their lives or who are affected, for example, by a natural disaster.

We care about the healthy development of society. That is why we annually organize Aramark Building Community Day (ABC Day). Thousands of our employees all over the world pass on their expertise in a healthy lifestyle and job market rules to families, young people and adults on this day.

The goal of the ABC Day is above all to introduce in an entertaining way the concept of healthy eating to the public. Audiences can be inspired by practical demonstrations of food preparation performed by our leading chefs and nutrition specialists. The greatest motivation to change is one’s own experience, and that is why the audience is invited to also sample many of the prepared dishes.

ABC Day is also dedicated to people who are looking for a job or are considering a change of profession. Our HR specialists share their valuable experience in hiring employees. The range of topics is truly wide – from development of skills that are key to the current job market to practical tips for CV writing or preparation for a job interview.

We are extremely happy that this event has a greater and greater impact from year to year. The year 2015 was very successful. Almost 8000 volunteers took part in 15 countries around the world and they carried out 300 projects. The audience rate only confirms that the event was an enormous success – in total there were half a million visitors at ABC Day.

Aramark Building Community Day is part of the company-wide philanthropic and volunteer programme. Within the framework of this programme we work together with more than 100 community organisations and in total we have already invested almost 9 million dollars and more than 160,000 hours of enthusiastic work.