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We’ve Opened a New Restaurant in the Zlin Region

Aramark cooks for On Semiconductor

Aramark’s dynamic growth continues, and on the third of April, we had our grand opening in the Zlin Region in Rožnov. Here we will prepare up to 1,400 lunches and dinners daily at two counters for the employees of On Semiconductor in the Zlin Region, which specializes in the design and manufacture of integrated circuits, semi-conductor parts and chips. In addition to main courses, we will also be offering their employees our original concepts of Vitalfood and V- like.

The opening of the new facilities was preceded by thorough preparations, which, as always, were managed professionally and successfully by our excellent opening team. On Semiconductor employs around 1,600 people in manufacturing and administration, and their satisfaction will be the responsibility of Aramark’s 31-member team.

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