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New weight loss trend!


In recent years, this type of diet has been literally booming. It consists in a significant reduction of carbohydrates at the expense of proteins and fats. During this restriction, a condition called ketosis occurs in the organism under the appropriate circumstances. It is a condition when the body uses ketones to cover its energetic needs. Ketones are produced during the metabolic processing of fat in the liver in the absence of glucose. A "big plus", compared to other diets, can be rapid weight loss at first, but it is mainly a loss of body water that is bound to carbohydrates in the body. However, from a long-term point of view, the differences between the individual types of diet are wiped out. Supporters of this diet regard considerable reduction in appetite as another positive aspect. Ketones that bind to certain receptors in the brain are responsible for this. However, doctors warn that this dietary hit can lead to kidney failure due to excessive protein intake, which is a major burden for kidneys. Right those individuals with not only kidney but also liver disease, then of course children and pregnant and nursing women should definitely avoid this type of diet. Nevertheless, there are also beliefs that this diet is based on a reasonable basis, and may represent a good start in reduction particularly for the markedly obese. However, this diet should always be followed under medical supervision and for a limited period of time in order not to damage the organism, and return to standard diet should be gradual so that both yo-yo effect and metabolic disruption are avoided. With ketodiet, there is also risk of headaches or hair loss due to possible lack of some vitamins or trace elements.

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