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Strawberry soup

Strawberry time is right now!

 Jahodova polevka


The summer is approaching slowly, and the strawberry season with it. Try a recipe for a cold fruit strawberry soup that will refresh you in hot days.

What we need:

·       400 g of stemmed strawberries

·       100 g of mixture of blueberries, raspberries or blackberries (according to your taste)

·       3 mint leaves + more for decoration

·       2 teaspoons of vanilla extract

·       4 tablespoons of honey

·       100 ml of orange juice

·       1 teaspoon of lemon juice

·       1 teaspoon of lime juice

First, cut 300 g of strawberries, put them in a pot and pour in a couple of spoons of water. Add vanilla extract, three mint leaves and bring to boil. Remove from the hotplate and let cool. Then mix the strawberry mixture with honey and citrus juices until smooth. Finally, add the remaining fresh fruit (some will be put off for decoration) and by a few more pulses, chop it rough.

Divide the gazpacho into four glasses or bowls and decorate it with the fruit and mint. And one more tip for sweet tooths - strawberry soup can get even better with a scoop of your favourite ice cream or mascarpone.      


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