Why choose Aramark as the next step in your career?

We value people. We treat every employee individually and with respect; our employees are not just numbers. Honest people do honest service. This is what we value and support.

We provide background to our employees in the form of training and development programmes. We support mutual exchange of experience. We are “ethnic friendly”; we work in a multicultural environment.

We welcome good ideas and improvement suggestions; everyone has the chance to excel. We work in a highly motivating and inspiring environment. We value people.

On the same day every year Aramark employees hold their day of celebration. It is a day of thanks for their demanding daily work with which they contribute to the success of the whole company. It is a day full of friendly conversations, full of pleasant and down-to-earth encounters and full of smiles – encounters in which there is no difference between subordinates and superiors.


Let us persuade you that your next career leap should lead right to us. The facts speak for us.

We have been operating in the Czech Republic since 1992 and we are the second most significant player in company food services on the domestic market. We provide food and other services to successful companies, authorities and hospitals. We prepare more than 80,000 meals every day in more than 100 operational units all over the Czech Republic. We use only high-quality ingredients when producing our food and prefer Czech products. We cook honest food without substitutes.

We are also one of the fastest growing companies in the field. This offers great opportunities for professional growth and development to the best. We invest in employee education and value the work of every single member of our team. We try to remunerate fairly all employees who do a good job and we regularly recognize the best with awards. Become a part of our professional team and help us continue providing top-quality services.

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