Aramark Vitalfood dishes are prepared on the spot and exclusively from fresh ingredients.

Vitalfood is a great start to an overall lifestyle change.

Vitalfood is not a weight-reduction food. It is concept for healthier dining. Light dishes are prepared in accordance with exact recipes revised by nutritional therapists and guaranteed by leading nutritional specialist Petr Havlíček.

Vitalfood line dishes will provide you with all the energy you need for a successful day. Vitalfood dishes are prepared by the “quick dish treatment”, using a modern technology of quick cooking that limits the fat, i.e. mostly grilled or prepared on induction wok pans.
The dishes therefore preserve nutrients, vitamins and flavours to the highest degree.
The Vitalfood diet plan is thoroughly balanced.
In the Vitalfood diet plan you can find healthy ingredients prepared in the right way and a sufficient amount of vegetables.
Vitalfood line dishes do not contain any added MSG or preservatives.
Vitalfood line recipes make use of seasonal ingredients. When cooking, we use high-quality cold-pressed vegetable oils.
Vital food is not only a range of main dishes, it is an opportunity to eat healthy all day long. Choose from our offer of light Vitalsnack line sandwiches, salads or desserts.