My name is Petr Havlíček and I have been dealing with healthy lifestyles and healthy diets for more than 20 years.

I oversee the Vitalfood healthy food programme for the Aramark company. This is not a weight-reduction programme. A wide range of Vitalfood meals and products are designed in such a way that you can eat healthier throughout the day and still get the necessary energy from your meals. Together with the nutritional therapists at Aramark we teach the cooks how to prepare meals in a healthier way, reduce the amount of fat and use high-quality ingredients with no artificial substitutes, so that each meal is prepared exactly according to the recipes I revise, making it a solid basis for your lifestyle change.

Food is only one side of the coin, but what is also very important is your effort. If you eat healthy and high-quality food also at home, add exercise and enough rest, restrict sweets and other snacking food intake, I am sure that you’ll see positive results over time. There are many tips and tricks to living healthy. However, it is important to employ common sense. Not only must your diet be delicious and varied, it must also be balanced. Don’t forget about the right kind of carbohydrates, full-fledged proteins and an adequate amount of healthy fats. To all this, add dedication and sensibility.

And don’t forget to give yourself a little treat from time to time. A tiny sweet treat will not do you any harm as long as you don’t eat them daily.
Do you have your own “recipe” for a healthy lifestyle? I am looking forward to hearing from you…

Yours, Petr Havlíček