We find inspiration in the best restaurants and by the best chefs.

Taste the best from popular cuisines around the world. In our team there are experienced long-time specialists in popular world cuisines and also native cooks from exotic countries.  


Aramark’s bet is on traditional home-made production across the whole range of its products.

We extend our standard snack-time product range offer by introducing high-quality breakfasts, home-made spreads, sandwiches, fresh home-made desserts and dessert cups, the traditional Moravian-Wallachian Frgál pies and other home-made products.

The HOME MADE product line is very popular with our customers, whether as home-made desserts to be served with their coffee or as afternoon after-lunch treats.


Always fresh, tasty, made exclusively with high-quality ingredients and with regard to your health.

These include freshly prepared baguette sandwiches, sandwiches, vegetable salads, yoghurt desserts, freshly chopped fruit, fresh fruit juices and home-made ice teas.

It’s Fresh is a product line prepared from fresh ingredients with a limited amount of mayonnaise.

All products in the It’s Fresh line are sold in a practical packaging that’s easy to carry away. That’s why our customers seek them out not only as a delicious snack but also as a light substitute for a usual lunch.


We will change the way you look at classical salads.

The new and unique project that our company has launched will change how you look at classical salads, the kind that are “kept waiting” for you in display cabinets, sometimes for several hours. The cornerstone of everything is freshness, and you can be sure that in this case freshness is guaranteed. You will have the chance to taste traditional salads with a fixed set of ingredients every day. Moreover we will recommend a dressing to season the salad and you’ll be able to add an array of chosen ingredients according to your own liking.

We know that you are not willing to spend your workdays queuing. That’s why our concept is designed in such a way that you’ll be served within a very short amount of time.


Fresh Italian pizza baked directly in your restaurant according to original recipes.

We offer several kinds of freshly prepared pizza.

To make our range of pizzas more interesting, we combine them with other dishes which we bake in a stone oven. Among these are baked cannelloni pasta, different types of lasagne, potato rösti cakes and baked potatoes with different kinds of filling.


Treat yourself to a soup according to your liking. We prepare the base, you arrange the rest.

Don’t wait for the cook to measure out your portion. Decide for yourself what ingredients you want in your soup. To enable you to do just this, we present the “Soup Station” concept. You can add the ingredients you desire to freshly made soup or broth and a crunchy item from the bakery. All this is fitted within a modern practical self-service station located within the premises.

At Aramark we prepare broths from bones and vegetables. The way they should be.


We prepare a complex product range of Japanese dishes including popular sushi, and not only for our Japanese customers. Teriyaki, katsudon, curry and other traditional Japanese dishes are prepared for you always from fresh original ingredients. Our Japanese dishes are always prepared by specialists trained by native Japanese chefs.

In sushi preparation we use Japanese cuisine specialists, who attend regular trainings in the field. We offer this very popular Japanese speciality in the classic forms maki, uramaki, nigiri, sashimi and temaki. We always use fresh ingredients to prepare sushi.


Taste with us dishes from all over the world prepared by specialists in the given type of cuisine.

We use either directly ethnic chefs from the given country or professionally trained chefs from our team for such culinary events. All culinary events are guaranteed by our internal food development department lead by Tomáš Konopka. We cooperate with employees of our branches in other countries (Spain, Germany, USA, Belgium, and more). We are glad when we manage to get our clients involved in creating the menu for culinary events and make use of their experience.